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Real Name: Sara
Nick Names:

   - Natsuko Kuroigawa
   - Darkkest Claire Burnside
   - Light Rouge
   - Darkselphie
   - Lonely Princess
   - Daria Ness
   - Dragoon no Princess

Current Age: 22
Birth Date: 19th July 1987
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Birth Country: Spain


Book: None
Manga: Bleach
Anime: Tenkuu no Escaflowne
Dorama: None
Song: Gone
Artist: Daughtry
Wii: None
PS2: None
PSP: None
Xbox 360: Resonance of Fate

My Desktop


@ Finish Resonance of Fate
@ Pass my final exams! <3

Game Wishlist

@ Project Zero IV [Wii]
@ God of War: Chains of Olympus [PSP]


Lonely Princess Designs ~ Avatars

In this section you will find a couple of 100 x 100 avatars I've done. As you can see, there are not many right now, but I'll be adding more soon!

So far, however, I hope you do enjoy what I can offer in the meanwhile.

Before proceeding to the gallery, I'd suggest that you take a quick look to the Terms of Use listed bellow and, in case you find it necessary, read the downloading instructions as well.

Also I'd like to mention the fact that newest icons are displayed at the top, while older ones are these at the bottom of the page.

~ Statistics

Most Recent Update : 22nd April 2009
Current Amount of Avatars Available : 1

~ Terms of Use

@ You're free to take this icons for your personal use (using them in forums you're registered at, for example).

@ It's not required that you give me credit when using this avatars as stated in the previous guideline, although any kind of credit will be truly appreciated.

@ You may not claim these icons as your own, stating in any shape or form that it was you who made them when it's not true.

~ How to Download

Since the right-click function has been disabled in this page, you cannot download the avatars directly from this page.

In order to download any of these icons, you only need to click on the one you want. It will then open up in a new page, and there you'll be able to save it.

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