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Real Name: Sara
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   - Natsuko Kuroigawa
   - Darkkest Claire Burnside
   - Light Rouge
   - Darkselphie
   - Lonely Princess
   - Daria Ness
   - Dragoon no Princess

Current Age: 22
Birth Date: 19th July 1987
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Birth Country: Spain


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Manga: Bleach
Anime: Tenkuu no Escaflowne
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Quizzes Results

Here you will find the results I got in several quizzes I answered. ^^

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Results are organized depending on the quiz language: Spanish or English.

Quizzes ~ English

Why are you Sad? [For Darker People]


What's your Connection With Darkness?

"Your connection with darkness is through your depression. Hated, sad and often feeling lonely, there is only a few that appreciate the real you.

You tend to keep to yourself and away from the world since you don't want to be hurt and betrayed again.

Music gives you the understanding you need to get through, it's your "therapy". Or you express yourself through art or writing.

Chances are you're also an anti-social person, who only likes being with close friends, if even that.

The world has finally showed it's true face for you and you wish life wasn't this miserable to live through. Maybe you'll find happiness in the future, but right now you're just hiding away from the world. Who needs people anyway?"


What Type of Killer Are You?

~ You kill with magic ~

"You are very skilled with magic, but have poor fighting skills. But it doesn't really matter anyway since it can be as powerful as other weapons.

You are probably misunderstood by people and have some pain inside you. You are not the kind of person to start a fight, but if you are provoked you respond. You probably don't have that many friends either though you might want some.

According to you life is a lonely journey and you try not to care to much. Most people who are witches or anything similar is thought to be evil and want to see all people suffer. That however is not true. You don't feel that much joy seeing others in pain. You are probably peaceful and quiet when left alone."

+ Main weapon: Potions and spells
+ Quote: "A man can be destroyed but not defeated" - Ernest Hemingway
+ Facial expression: Blank eyes


Which Sign Personality Fits you Most?

~ Cancer ~

"Extremely sensitive, as Cancer, you seen to live emotionally.

You protect who you love with all your strength although you take a little while to get close to someone. You really understand feelings and have a great intuition!!!

Careful with your need for attention...sometimes you over react...^.^ Feeling alone, huh?! Capricorn will always be there for you!"


What is Your Element?

~ Ice ~

"Your element is Ice. This element may seem a little odd, but this is a side-effect from when the element of Water gets to hurt.

Once you were a content soul, and happy with life. But then something happened. Not necessarily on one day, it probably happened gradually over time. You lost your will to care and became even more reserved from the world.

People had hurt you in ways you do not want to remember and now you isolate yourself from them. You have turned into an outsider and probably dress more in black than you used to. Your depression is eating you up and tearing you apart and the worst part is that no one is willing to help, or so it seems.

In school you are often by yourself or one single friend and you rarely seem to be truly happy anymore. Your sad, distant eyes and constant frown seems glued to your face and you need a saviour from this world.

You may turn to music for understanding and sing/scream along in the lyrics to get rid of some pain. You are not very open about your problems to your family/friends, and wish that they would just notice it and make it go away."


What is Your Phrase? [For Darker People]

~ Floating as a ghost through events, forever unnoticed ~

"You are someone who is very lonely in life and feel like no one ever notice you. Due to this you lack in confidence in yourself and also have little belief anything you do matters.

Therefore you are passive to most situations and let other people take care of it, while you stand aside. When you have a problem you keep it to yourself, thinking no one will care anyway if you told them.

In social gatherings you feel anxious and out-of-place and like to stay away. When you see someone having a problem you don't really meddle, not because you don't care but because you think they wouldn't want to have you around.

A way you could get noticed is through the Internet, where you can open up more than you do in real life."


Which of the rock songs that I like are you?

~ Bring Me To Life ~

"You are "Bring me to life" by Evanescence.

Hopeless, depressed and soulless are your keywords. Yet you have a hope, someone who can see you for who you are. Keep searching, or start to."


What Evanescence song are you?

~ Bring Me To Life ~

"You have been so alone in this world for such a long time, your emotional level is very low. You live in the darkness in your life and mind, and feel helpless about your whole situation.

People rarely understand you or why you act like you do. But then there is this person in your life that changes things.

He/she understands you and makes you feel alive again. He/she is your ray of hope in your otherwise so dark life."

"Now that I know what I'm without
you can't just leave me"


What Are You Really Like Inside?

~ You are a sorrowful person ~

"Although you may seem completely happy on the outside (or not), you are actually breaking on the inside. Perhaps it is because you have been wronged in the past? Or it might simply be that you are lonesome or misunderstood.

Your eyes hold a great amount of sadness no smile can lift, and it is that which identifies you as a depressed person. You might not cry that often in public, but it does happen behind closed doors."

+ Your traits:

+ Your Color: Gray/ Light blue/ Black
+ Your Quote: "Behind this smile is everything you'll never understand."


What's Your Dark Quote?

~ The Raging Panther ~

"You are an angsty person. You view life sceptically and hate biasness.

This could probably be from experience in your past, or influence. You believe that this world is full of misery and that you have been treated unfairly. You may look tough on the outside, but you are actually crumbling internally."


>> Your Quote: "The only thing standing between me and total happiness is reality."


What's Your Inner Power? [For Girls Only]

~ Sensitivity ~

"Your inner power is Sensitivity!

You are true to your heart, and probably a hopeless romantic. Everyone loves you for your gentle ways and kind words, and you are brilliant with animals and young children. You're very sweet and caring, and you have friends who love you, who are always there to support you and hold you when your fragile heart is broken.

You are most likely often found daydreaming about your life and your future, and you have a talent for dealing with kids, all of which adore you, even if you've only been around them for five minutes.

You're the one your friends turn to when they need a shoulder to cry on, and a kind word to get them smiling again. You are shy, lovable, compassionate, and seek to make the world a better place. You will go far in life for sure. You go girl!"

+ Boy/Girl who will sweep you off your feet: The romantic, sweet guy/girl that every girl dreams of at some stage in their life. You just love the way he/she treats you as you are the most precious, important girl in the world, and the way you know he'll/she'll never cheat on you.
+ Your stone/jewel: Calcite
+ Your power: Love. You can make the most revengeful person mellow, and have a talent for being a brilliant match maker.
+ Your element: Earth
+ A quote that applies to you: "When you step to the ledge of all the light you have justify, and you take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you might believe one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you step upon, or you will learn how to fly."


What Is Your Inner Soul Trying To Say?

~ Help ~

"Your inner soul is calling for help! Everyday you wonder why you are still here when there is nothing justify.

You use to once be a happy, loving soul, but it was damaged by 'them' and seems like it never can be fixed again. You've been hurt, abused, and damned far too much for you to handle it all anymore! No one understands you because they're too scared to get to know you!

You want to finally give up; just escape and rid of all your pain. You want people to understand, you want comfort... You tend to bottle up all of your emotions and problems, hoping that they'll all go away but you long to reach out and tell that one special person all of your feelings and troubles!

But you never seem to have that person to talk to, or they just don't seem to want to hear you! You like expressing yourself in many ways; whether it be through your emotions, words, art, or even physically.

You also enjoy nice quiet sceneries that just dazzle your mind with awe. You want a normal and happy life.

You always feel this sense of loneliness clouding over your head, though surrounded by several people. None of them know you; you feel as though no one can relate to you. You want understanding, you want that friend, and you want that perfect life!

Your sanctuary would probably be any place where you can be alone and hide out, such as your bedroom...

You may be tough at times and try to prevent yourself from crying on the outside.... But your heart is always crying on the inside... Try to loosen up and have some fun! Never start frowning because you never know who's falling in love with your smile :)"


Quote: Spiteful words can hurt your feelings, but silence breaks your heart


Poem Verse:

But finally, after all the tears, I've drowned
After all the cuts, blood still runs down
The distance between us is hurting; my heart seared,
But the closeness was what really killed me, what I really feared
(Die Cold Hearted)


Symbol: A tear (sign of strength, yet it contains pain)


What Would You Look Like as a Cute Anime Girl?

~ You would look like this ~

"You act kind of lonely, you're not antisocial but you wish you could be yourself with people more.

Many people don't know you well but you are really very kind on the inside. Try getting out there, strangers are just friends you haven't met yet.^^"


What Demon Sleeps Inside You?

~ You shelter a Demon of Darkness ~

"He is one of a kind. Not very destructive for others but for yourself, he is nonetheless the worst. He is the demon who forces you to close you heart and you mind, to be hostile and introverted. And like the friendly demon, he is nearly always awake.
You must find a way to put him to sleep, maybe with the help of another demon, like the wind demon or the water demon."


What Love Are You Fated For?

~ Dark Love ~

"You're fated to have a Dark love. Probably a lover of things gothic, you're artistic and original. Although you are a loner and independent to a fault, all you will need is him, and he will feel the same..."


What's The Girl Inside of You?

~ Relaxed ~

"You have this constant feeling inside that says that everything will be alright. Calm cool, you invented the Chill Pill! (WHAT?!)

Whenever there's a problem you don't spas out, that's why people come to you for advice because you're really reliable. Not many people have the aura of calmness that follows wherever you go.

Whenever people are around you, they loosen up, relax, just by being near you! Your motto is 'Sit back and relax'. Stay the way you are, because you rarely get stressed out!"


What Kind of Dark Faerie Are You?

~ Lonely Faerie ~

"You are the Lonely Faerie. You aren't comfortable coming in contact with people, and you prefer to be alone. To pass the time you're usually found reading, writing, or sometimes even drawing."

+ Wings: Black and gray
+ Power: Shadows
+ Sexual appeal:

You aren't one to stand out in a crowd... Because you're not even in the crowd in the first place. This is what boys think is sexy, the way you persistently avoid everyone. It's like playing hard to catch, and they just can't resist it when you do this.

+ What you look for in a guy:

You don't really notice guys that much, but that doesn't mean they don't notice you. If you had to choose, you'd probably pick someone about your height with greyish eyes. He can't be too dominating, of course, since you tend to be uncomfortable with people anyway.


What Type of Person Are You?

The wanderer - The lost

"The one who never has a place to belong. The outcast amongst people, Wanderers find life to be rather lonely. There is an empty feeling inside of them that they can't seem to get rid of. However, not all is pain for them. Despite what others might think, they are very much capable of being happy and sad. Due to the fact that Wanderers always feel misplaced -to some extent- some adjust to how others are, just to have a place to be. The others in this category tend to shy away from people, preferring their own company, certain that they don't fit in. Both categories however, do keep most of their personal thoughts inside.

Wanderers tend to wish for a place where they are meant to be, resulting in a lot of daydreaming. Personality wise they are, in fact, dreamers. It doesn't mean they believe that they wish for will come true. Their inner world is simply better than this one. Most Wanderers try to find their special place, no matter if they are a passive-aggressive or a fearless individual. It is something they are drawn to do by nature.

Wanderers are also found to be hard to truly satisfy. Nothing will ever be the way they would have preferred/wanted it to be, and they tend to be disappointed a lot. It is not that they are perfectionists, they simply want for something to feel "right". Because of this, they often second-guess things/actions/relationships. Low self-esteem is a high possibility, as they often doubt themselves.

As their hole in their heart is constantly there, they may be prone for depression, as rarely anything is giving them true satisfaction. One day they may find their personal heaven, but it is important they are not too caught up in fantasies, or else they might pass by it blindly, missing it forever."

Quote: "Illusion is the first of all pleasures." - Oscar Wilde


Which legendary flower are you?

~ Prystel ~

Prystels are violet in color and look like tiny roses that can fit on the tip of your finger. They have quite an intoxicating fragrance and if you ever bother to open the petals and look into their center, you'll find a pinch of silver sprinklings.

+ STAND FOR: Uniqueness and Undiscovered beauty.

+ LEGEND: Prystels have long held the fascination of people. There are many who believe that whenever it rains, fairies come to take shelter within the petals of a Prystel. When it stops raining and the sun smiles again the fairies come out of the flower and fly off, leaving behind silver fairy-dust.

+ YOU ARE: very special! There are very few people like you who find beauty in everything. You believe that even the most rejected thing is special in its own way. You see what many are blind to.


What makes you happy?

~ Unknown ~

You gotta put some effort into changing yourself, so that you can figure out what you want from life.

You seem to have given up on things. You probably were normal once,but i bet something bad happened, that crushed you, and pent you up in your own little universe, where you've been living for some time now...

You really are a difficult person to understand, not to mention that you don't like to share your feelings, so you express them by drawing and/or writing (just like me ^^). Even though you probably had some bad experience before,that doesn't mean you should just give up (yep, i'm not taking my own advise LOL). Trust me, you should really try your best to change becauce: first of all, the solitary exsistence is no exsistence at all, second of all if you dont fill up the huge empty space that was meant for your confidence, it will curse you eternaly...no matter how much progress you make, you'll always think it isn't enough and crirtisize yourself until the presure starts to consume you...and..well...i still havent reached that phase in my life but God knoes what wil happen.

You doubt yourself and your abilities all the time...and you shouldn't. To reach the happiness you've been longing for, first you need to work on your confidence and people skills, after that you'll eventually learn to appreciate the small things and life...and value what you have, instead of feeling sorry for yourself because of what you dont have.


What type of person is drawn to you?

~ Understanding ~

You two will probably know that you were meant to be from the moment you meet each other.

They understand you and will be kind out of heart without wishing anything in return. They love to see you happy. You are probably a lot like them too!

Even though they may not be the hottest of the bunch, they are openminded and love everything about you and that's what matters! Count on this person to always be there for you and trully love you for the person you are. Try not to get too carried away in your own world though. You two are all about the meaning in everything.

This person is drawn to you by your acceptance, kindness, and emotional will towards all people. This person will want to spend the rest of thier lives with you and live thier life to the fullest with you by their side.


What is the REAL you like? (Girls only)

~ Depressed ~

"You aren't a very happy person at all. It could be because you were hurt or just because it isn't in your nature to be happy.

You probably have a group of friends, but they don't know about how depressed you really are.

You sometimes lose all motivation to even get up in the morning, and things just don't seem worthwhile.

Others probably judge you and are scared away from you by your dark nature. But you prefer your own company because you are the only one that understands....well most of the time anyway."


What angel represents you?

~ Scared/Lonely Angel ~

You're the scared/lonely angel! Your a timid and lost angel, you don't know where you belong. You only have one friend in the world that you can trust with all your life, for you too have been betrayed.

Despite being a lost angel you are sweet and you have a soft spot for little kids.

Your favorite thing to do is draw and daydream, especially about that certain someone.

Your quote that represents you is: "I live to dream and dream to live."

+ Favorite color: Black
+ Your favorite flower: Roses
+ Your favorite sweets: Pudding
+ Your favorite number: 4
+ Your animal: A black cat
+ Your element: Darkness

What are you in anime world that represents yourself?

~ Bride ~

I think a bride would best represent you in anime world. You like everything that has anything to do with looooove! You are probably a hopeless romantic at heart! You are also a dreamer, and sometimes you live in one of your fantasies!

When you grow up, the one thing you want is a perfect husband or wife and a perfect life! Ambitious and wishful, you are also probably beautiful or handsome too!

I think one of your worst fears is to be rejected by the person you love. Getting dumped is about the worst thing that could happen. And I totally agree!

You are also sensitive and caring. Everyone likes you, even though you have the tendancy to daydream a lot!

What Is Your Role In A Relationship?

~ You are Submissive ~

You are one of those people who is prepared to just sit in the background of things, listening but not participating. Often people know your face but not your name, which is a shame because you have a lot of love and devotion to give.

You struggle with relationships sometimes because you don't always know how to be around people. Though you may be academically incredibly intelligent, you have trouble thinking for yourself. You need someone to tell you exactly what they want, as hints and subtleties tend to go straight over your head.

When you find the one for you, you are entirely dedicated to them. You put them on a pedestal and worship them from afar, often not acting on your feelings. If you are lucky enough to have someone come over and tell you that they want to be with you, then you are likely to stay with them forever.

+ Most compatible with: The Controlling

The Controlling love to boss people around, and would make it painfully clear what they want you to do. They like having someone to click their fingers at, so you are a match made in heaven. They aren't going to give you subtle hints that you will miss, they will just tell you exactly what they want, when they want it, and how. They will never elevate you from you position in the shadows (which suits you just fine!) instead using you to elevate themselves. Some people wouldn't stand for this but as you want nothing more than to see your partner happy, you will be perfectly content with this lot.

+ Least compatible with: The Hopeless Romantic

Much like you, the Hopeless Romantic wants to worship someone, but whereas you like giving all that attention, you certainly don't like receiving it. You aren't comfortable with being in the spotlight, and the Romantic won't just let you sit in their shadow where you like to be.

+ Your song is: Eric's Song, 12 Stones

What Kind of Guardian do You Have?

You have a dark and evil Guardian. He is one of Satan's demons and is the reason why you are consumed by darkness, he corrupts your thoughts and makes you think that everything is hopeless and not worth it.

Your pessimism is bcuz he makes everyone and everything seem like they hate you and don't care for you when really they do but you just can't or won't see it.

Your Guardian is steering you away from God and everything good and trying to turn you to the dark side, even if you don't believe it or can't accept it, you are being controlled by the darkness w/in you.

Describe Yourself. Who are you?

You're a calm, relaxed sort of girl. You feel comfortable with your personality, if not your appearance.

Level-headed, everyone comes to you for advice, because you have wisdom beyond your years. You must have matured much faster than normal, or else you wouldn't have such accurate answers!!

It seems, however, that you have been hurt many times.

If you'd just come out of your tough shell, you could see all the wonderful people who love and care about you, and wish you could just see that. Hiding within that shell is a beautiful, kind, playful being who just wants to enjoy life, and you'll find that it's much more enjoyable with others. What a beautiful person!!

+ Favorite Color: Blue and Silver

+ Element: Water

+ Weapon: Magic

+ Best Attributes/Skills: Strength, Personality, Magic

+ Powers: Water Power, Scrying

Quizzes ~ Spanish

¿Eres envidioso? Y si es así... ¿Cuanto de envidioso?


Según tu personalidad... ¿Qué elemento eres: agua, aire, fuego ó tierra?


En el Quidditch... ¿Cuál es tu posición?


¿Cuál sección del periódico eres?


¿Cuál anime de Gainax te representa?


¿Qué tag HTML eres?


¿Harry o Draco?


¿Qué color te representa? (Solo para chicas)


¿Casa, apartamento o apartaestudio?


¿Salud, Dinero o Amor?


¿Cuál bishounen de DNAngel es tu ideal?


¿Qué dedo te identifica?


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