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Real Name: Sara
Nick Names:

   - Natsuko Kuroigawa
   - Darkkest Claire Burnside
   - Light Rouge
   - Darkselphie
   - Lonely Princess
   - Daria Ness
   - Dragoon no Princess

Current Age: 22
Birth Date: 19th July 1987
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Birth Country: Spain


Book: None
Manga: Bleach
Anime: Tenkuu no Escaflowne
Dorama: None
Song: Gone
Artist: Daughtry
Wii: None
PS2: None
PSP: None
Xbox 360: Resonance of Fate

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@ Finish Resonance of Fate
@ Pass my final exams! <3

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@ Project Zero IV [Wii]
@ God of War: Chains of Olympus [PSP]


Version 7 ~ Updates

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa,18th June 2009

Hello there!! :3

This is not really an update report, since only minor changes has been made to this site. Said changes are only details in the navigation columns.

First of all, I removed the screenshot exchange from under the link exchange header. It has been a while since I joined the exchange and still haven't heard back from the owner. I concluded the exchange was no longer working and that it was useless to keep the link up, so I just removed it.

And the second change is that I've just moved the featured site to the right column, my desktop header taking its old place in the left column.

So, as I said to begin with, no real updates has been made yet to the site. However, since I'm done with my exams for a little while (hopefully I'll pass all of them and I won't have any for a real longer while... X3), I expect to bring more updates to both this site and my fanlisting collective.

Along these updates, I want to make a new layout for Endless Dream and make said site skinnable. I began using Site Skin on my most recent fanlisting, and after having tested it I can tell I'm really in love with it~! <3

I think it provides a really useful feature, and it will work fine over my collective, mainly considering the fact that I've been willing to change the layout for that site often. This way I won't have to change the uploaded files everytime I want to get a new layout up, and I also can turn back to a different one when I get bored of any of them!!

I still have no idea on how the new layout will be, but I would like to have it up along with Site Skin anytime in July. :3 This site will be updated soon as well with new content, so keep checking if you're interested! ;)

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 23rd April 2009

If yesterday I said the wallpaper section was almost complete, today I'm finally able to say it's completely done by now.

So far there are only 4 wallpapers available. I'll bring more eventually, promised... ;)

As for the next update, I'd like to focus on a winamp skin section and adding more avatars (one is a truly poor number for a gallery, indeed... XD).

By now, please, enjoy the wallpapers~! <3

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 22nd April 2009

Finally I've beaten my lazyness a little bit, and opened one of the oh-so-promised design related sections.

It's the 100x100 avatar gallery. As for now, only one icon is there... Yeah, kind of lame gallery this is, don't you think? XD

I've done a lot of avatars in my entire life, but most of them are signed with a nickname, for a single person to use. Not the kind of avatars I should put up in a gallery like this, indeed... ^^'

The wallpaper section is almost complete too, the only thing I need to do is to upload the wallpapers themselves! Opposed to what happened with the avatars, truth is I haven't done that much wallpapers... So far there's only 4 of them I will upload. I have a few more, but they're way too old so I doubt I'll ever decide to put these up... ^^'

But well... 4 is not such a bad number, is it? ;P Worse is having only one icon, anyway... ^^'

So, let's see if I manage to make a few more unsigned avatars to add to said gallery during the weekend. ;)

As for now, please, enjoy the little update~! <3

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 13rd April 2009

In the end I wasn't able to do as much as I planned to yesterday. So today it's time to keep up with the updates!

So far I've already done a couple of things...

First of all, since both this site and Endless Dream now have new layouts, the splash page has been updated with new screenshots featuring the current design for each one.

The second update of the day, though this one is not a really big one, is that I've joined a link exchange site, so the rotation banners are now displayed at the bottom of the navigation column.

Along the day I'd like to have the following things done.

[1] Open the update archive, a section containing all the updates that has taken place in the site since its 5th version (the only ones I still have around here... ^^').

[2] A couple of new sections, design related: wallpapers and 100x100 icons to begin with.

[3] New section with my detailed profile.

[4] A new category added to the navigation column, Link Out. Within this section there will be space for affiliates and link exchanges.

I'll be striking elements within the list as soon as I'm done with them. Hopefully all of them will be striked towards the end of the day! ;) Enjoy~! <3

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 12nd April 2009

It's finally here! Fading Away, the 7th version of the site is now up and working. I'm not done yet, there's a whole bunch of things I still want to do, and will during the evening.

So far I only have the new layout up. This layout has to be one of the best layouts I've ever done, if not the best one without any doubt.

Maybe the fact that my beloved Ulquiorra is the main topic of the design is one of the things that make me feel this way about this new layout, but I still think there's more than that...

This layout seems to be more... I don't know... Detailed? Professional? Whatever it is, I'm truly proud of the final outcome.

I hope you, my visitors, like the new design too! At the very least, this is far better than the previous layout, and said one has been online for over 2 years now, so it was already time to change looks... XD

Now, let's keep going for a list of the updates to come...

[1] Changes into the navigation column, removing a few links I'd be not needing any longer and adding some for the new design side of the site.

[2] New banners and buttons to the 'Link Me' section, featuring the new layout.

[3] A couple of new sections, design related: wallpapers and 100x100 icons to begin with.

I'll be on my way now to get all of these things done as soon as possible. Enjoy the new layout as well as the updates! ;)

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 11st April 2009

It took a long while, but finally I'm finally done with what I promised: a new layout for Lonely Princess' Diary!!

Said layout has to be one of my most beautiful creations ever: I've never felt as proud before with any of my previous designs. This one is certainly one of my best designs up to date. So with this, the 7th version of the site is about to fall... ;)

Tomorrow I'll work on uploading the whole layout and testing everything works as it should. But a new design is not the only new thing to come: I'd like adding a couple of brand new sections, as well as reorganize old ones to make them look better. The navigation column will also suffer a few changes, with the removal of some links I'd be no longer using, and adding new ones to the already quoted new sections.

Now, here you have a little list of all the new things to come. Check back tomorrow for the whole bunch of updates~! <3

@ New layout, certainly far better than the current one... ;P
@ New banners & buttons to the Link Me section
@ Removal of already kind of useless links into the navigation bar
@ New design related sections with some of my creations: wallpapers, winamp skins, and more. ;P
Now I'll focus a little more on the new layout itself... ;)

After reading the last Bleach manga chapter that was released (that is, chapter 353) the idea for this layout just popped into my mind. The layout itself is kind of spoilerish (that word doesn't even exists, does it? XD), I'm so sorry about that! ^^'

Anyway, if you hadn't been spoiled much so far, I'd suggest you not to keep on reading... Explicit spoilers ahead! XD Ulquiorra became one of my favourite Bleach characters as soon as he appeared. I recognise I was so willing to cry as soon as I finished reading this latest chapter, though I managed to keep my tears from falling until I began working on this design... While I made a 100x100 icon using images from said chapter and listened to some beautiful sad melodies, I actually cried for the first time in a while... ^^'

Truth said, I already knew my beloved Ulqui would fall sooner or later, but this chapter keep a lot of emotions and things turned out really different from what I expected ... The way he ended up dying, and the last UlquixHime panels really got deep into me... ^^'

Being an UlquixHime lover, these last panels where... Just like heaven! XD I think this was the perfect ending for him... Though I love happy endings, this one just fit him the best. I'm sad about the loss of a character I grew to love a bunch, but we still have the fandom to change things and out fan-love to keep him alive... ;)

And this layout was my tribute for him, and I'm so happy to have him of all the people in my, until now, best layout ever. ^^

Version 6 ~ Updates

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 1st March 2009

Wow, it's been such a long while~! <3

I hadn't noticed it has been almost 2 years since I last updated this site... Ow, my cute little thing, forgive your clumsy mother!! ;P Now, now, don't cry... I promise not to do this to you again, 'kay? ^.~

After such a while, a few things are to be done in order for this site to be back to life completely.

But before listing these to-do update list, I'll let you know what I've done so far.

First of all, really important thing, now I finally got my own domain!! <3 This means you can now access the site by using the following URL...


Awww! I've been wanting to have this domain for such a long while, that I still can't believe I was so lucky that no one has taken it yet. Bless you, everyone!! <3

I thought that I truly needed to do a few things to celebrate that I finally got the domain I wanted, so today I began working on a new splash page.
The previous one was oh-so creepy, and I was more than sick of it... So not long ago I found within my collection a Tsubasa Chronicles image which inspired me to work on a new image for the main page, and so I worked on it... I think the hours I spent on this thing were certainly not a waste. Please, check it out!! <3

Aside from this new cuttie, I also updated a few things within the site itself. First of all, I updated the 'Active Section' by adding my most recent website, and by removing another one which has been in hiatus for a long while now... ^^'
Said last one is now listed on a brand new inactive sites list, which you may check out if you wish. ^.~

The last update on the site is a simple update of some of the content into the column to the left side of the screen: my wishlist and those things I'm currently doing.
As I said before, it's been almost 2 full years without a single mayor update into this place, so I had to update my current age as well. XD

Now let's begin listing a few things I'd like to do into this site for upcoming updates. Hopefully lessons won't bug me that much and I'll be able to do it all within this month.

To begin with, a new layout is an absolute must before proceeding with any other update. Maybe this one doesn't look necesarily bad, but still it's been up for a preety long while, and this place might need to feel the freshness of a brand new look. ;P

As soon as the layout is done, I'd like to change a few more things on these place as well. I've been wondering if it would be a good idea to have a little corner within this site for my designs, such as winamp skins and wallpapers.
I've decided I'd like to share some of my creations with anyone who wish to use them in their desktop, so I thought for next updates I'll turn this site into a design site as well.
I think is a good opportunity for this site to get more interesting stuff for visitors, and also something that will assure it'll be update more frequently, since I sit once in a while to design my own wallpapers and every kind of thing. ^^ Hope the idea sounds good to you, too! <3

And yeah, I guess I shall leave it as this for today. ;P I'd write back as soon as I have something else new to report. By now, please, enjoy the new main page!!
Have a nice day, and come back soon~! <3

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 21st May 2007

I added a new 200x40 banner into the Link Me section.

Another update have taken place into the Accounts in Misc. Sites section. There were some broken links, so I fixed / removed them. Everything should be working properly now. ^^

Also I'll have a new section for affiliates soon, as I've already have been requested for affiliation, so I'll need it. ^^ I've thought also of opening a new section for presents that some users from my forum has given to me. ^^ I'll let you know as soon as I have those new sections online.

By now there's no more new things, but I promise I'll try updating this site more frequently. ^^'

Nothing else to tell you but that, while I update this, you might want to check out my forum for recent updates in my other websites. ^^

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 30th March 2007

The layout is now online, working perfectly. Now I have to some sections that contain images which doesn't work. I have to take a look closely to the Quizzes Results section, where I found most of these not-working images.

The Active Sites section had also some images that didn't work, but I already corrected them so now everything here is working fine. ^^

If you find anything which is not working properly, such as more broken images or dead links, please, let me know. You can use both the guestbook or, if you speak spanish, my forum.

Another new thing is that I'm thinking of re-adding a tagboard to the site. I might do it later. ^^


~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 29th March 2007

Today I've finished the layout coding issues, as well as the button for this version. The disclaimer as been also added.

Now the only thing which I need to finish is the splash page and upload the whole layout. ^^

I'll be doing both things now, so everything is ready today.

EDIT: Yay!! I'm done! ^^ The splash is... well... More than just quite simple, but until I can do something better is OK. It'll be enough for a while, I suppose... ^^

The new layout is now being uploaded, so you can take a look at it already. I hope you like it! ^^


~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 28th March 2007

After a long while without making a single update to this site, I'm finally here again with a new version of LPD. ^^

This is the 6th layout I've made for LPD, and even if it's still not finished, I'm kind of proud of it. I think it doesn't look that bad, really... It may be one of my best layouts ever, so it cannot be worse than the previous ones... xD I haven't made many tables layouts which I actually liked, but this one definitely is not one of these... It took me a lot of time just to adjust tables sizes correctly. I always used div layers to avoid this tables thing, but it was time to try something new so here is this... xD

Anyway... The layout is still offline. I'm almost done with the coding and the design itself. I've just made the avatar dor this version too. n_n Now I have to make a new button for this version, add a graphic disclaimer at the end of the page, and also some modifications are still to be done in the coding.

I'll try to end this for tomorrow, so I can upload this as soon as possible.

Version 5 ~ Updates

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 27th March 2007

After years without updating, a new version is coming! ^^

I'll have it finished today, so you'll see it soon... n_n

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 16th October 2006

Active Sites section updated!

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 23rd September 2006

Awards' Room section created!

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 11st September 2006

Past Layouts section created!

Quizzes Results section updated!

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 10th September 2006

Link Me, Quizzes Results & Active Sites sections created!

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 9th September 2006

New version! Yeah... ^^' Once again... I just felt like making a new layout. xDD

I'll finish this layout soon, so I can upload it. ^^



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